Music for dads with desk jobs: Fly Moon Royalty

This is actually also sort of a concert review – Does anyone else know about concert reviews? Either they’re not a thing anymore, or they’re not a thing in Seattle, or maybe I’m imagining it and it never was a thing. I have these memories of picking up the local indie paper in St. Louis and seeing blips and blurbs about the shows from the previous weekend. Did I just make that up? I’ve looked for some kind of reviews on the last couple shows I went to and there’s literally nothing. Nothing!

Anyways, over the long holiday weekend my friend Grant, the singles writer on our little make pretend website, mentioned he was heading to this show at the Crocodile for a band called Fly Moon Royalty that I was literally just reading about because they were going to be playing Pioneer square just before the march to the match for the Sounders-Galaxy game I would also be going to at the end of the weekend where the Sounders would eventually play an amazing game, win, yet lose the aggregate on away goals. It was heartbreaking but it was still great. Eternal Blue Forever Green.

So my wife encourages me to get out of the house and Grant and I get downtown to go to the Crocodile, a venue I’d yet to experience here. After some beers and skee ball next door we get into the venue which is very nice and compact and there’s obviously not a bad seat in the house. I don’t know how best to explain such a thing so I’ll stop there.

Before I get to the band though I have to talk about the opening band, Otieno Terry. Let me just say, I hate Otieno Terry. The lead singer wore a heavy coat and hat out on stage just so he could rip them off in the first song. That’s kind of all you need to know. Super dramatic and ultimately forgettable. We actually listened to a song and a half of very cheesy over the top jazzy rhyming with contorted artist face that was trying to convey deep artistic anguish….. or whatever it was before we decided we must leave and we spent the remainder of the opener at the back bar in the neighboring room where we met three women who happened to be therapists and also trying to avoid the opening act. I tried my best to be a wing-man for my single friend Grant but surely I just looked like someone’s dad, so… sorry for that Grant.

They were nice though and eventually it was time for the headliner, Fly Moon Royalty. This band is just an emcee who works from his DJ setup and occasionally raps and a woman who can belt out some soul. They are excellent! I think the thing with these arrangements is that they can come off as forced or kitschy but it’s not here. The duo are legitimately complimentary. The rapper is good but he doesn’t ever really steal the show as much as he sets up his female counter part for some excellent R&B lyrics. The beats are more electronic in nature but aren’t overdone. They’re more subtle and really just a vehicle for the voices. Together they make some tunes that are upbeat and easy to dance to and I definitely broke out some dad moves that I’m certain will give someone nightmares for a very long time. Speaking of which, there were backup dancers! This was a very nice addition to a group that is stationary on stage and aren’t playing any instruments.

All in all this was a great show and I would definitely see them again. Since the show I went ahead and bought their only full length album so I could give it a listen on the bus when I returned to work.

Fly Moon Royalty – Fly Moon Royalty

When I go to a show before I’ve heard an album and the show was good, I’m always really wary of the album because I’m certain it won’t live up to what I saw. Not here though! This is a good album that was near perfectly demonstrated at the show we went to. Now I wouldn’t usually buy an R&B album. I’m also almost certain I’ve never bought an electronic album. Somehow the two parts come together though to make something much better than either genre. The lyrics are catchy. The beats are slick. Like I already mentioned you won’t buy this for the beats and even though it definitely qualifies as R&B it doesn’t follow the typical formula where a diva rips up some lines while the music falls back. It’s somehow more consistent and definitely more satisfying. Top to bottom this is an easy listen and I didn’t find myself looking for the skip button once. In that same vein though I sort of wish a couple of the songs had a little more gravity and had me looking to at least skip backwards so I could listen to them again and again. There isn’t really a track that I want to play hundreds of times in a row which isn’t a tragedy but it’s notable. 3.5 out of 5 dad thumbs.

Key Track:


Listen to:

When you want to be cooler than you are while you’re riding the bus crammed up against other working class stiffs on the way to your white collar realities.



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