Help this blog!

Want to meet some new people? Want to find an outlet for yourself in 2015? Well good.

We need more writers! We could also use an editor!

Why the need? We are some working class dudes and although we love this website and getting together to work on it, we few, we four, can really fall behind or really lose track of time.

Why do we do this? Because in a world driven by commerce and logic and science, we all need some creation and some art in our lives. We all have a thing for writers and writing and we come together to ‘get it out’.

What do we do? Well we write a lot more than what makes it to this site. We meet twice a month, sometimes weekly depending on how drunk and fired up we get and we work hard on the following:

1. We write
2. We talk about writing
3. We critique
4. We decide on prompts to bring for next time
5. We usually drink a lot, even when we are not trying to
6. We talk about how the blog should work and how we should do more for it
7. We get so drunk that we don’t quite remember #6

In between writing meet ups we actually have a different community site that we post responses to prompts on, schedule meetings, or just talk about writing or other shit that comes up. It’s great.

Who are we looking for? We need more people to help carry the load of producing content as well as helping the rest of us perform to some deadlines. We also tend to get lost in the artistic spirit and could probably use some serious editorial direction related to ‘what is this blog?’

Other qualifications
1. You best love this city!
2. Come with a lust for life and writing and art.
3. A positive attitude. We critique, we don’t judge.

Nice to haves
1. We all live north of the canal and meet there usually. If that’s not an obstacle to you that’s great.
2. A woman might be nice… Not for the reason you’re probably thinking. (We’re almost all taken, ladies). We just might need some womanly perspective as our meetings fall a little on the testosterone fueled chest pounding side. That’s just how manly we are. Men are of course welcome too but we’re already close enough to becoming our own elks lodge and just might do that if we get many more like us.
3. Some organization and attention to detail and schedules would be fantastic! Like I said, deadlines are not our strong suit.

“Great, how do I apply?” you’ve already exclaimed- Respond to this post or email one of us with your best application related to the above. We’ll review it and invite you to a meeting where you can participate and hang out. If things work out we’ll sign you up to the community.


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