Ola Normelli – Swedish Actor, International Great Guy


Our special guest tonight is Ola Normelli, swedish actor and long time friend of Seattle. He teaches us how to act, what America looks like through foreign eyes, and he loves puns.


From his website (www.olanormelli.com):


Ola Normelli is an actor based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Seattle, WA. He has been working with productions such as Vår tid är nu/Our time is now (Jarowskij/SVT), En del av mitt hjärta (Unlimited stories/Film i Väst) and Kör Bara/Just do it (Mikaela Hargell).

Besides his acting career, Ola is also a writer and a poet. His forthcoming book; Den enda medicinen (The sole medicine) – a collection of texts, will be published shortly.

Find at more at:


Ola’s Website

Ig: @olanormelli


Show Notes

Podcasters (Ben, Stephen)


2m – Ola’s Seattle Connection

4m – Getting Started in Acting

8m – Ola in LA

14m – Ola loves America

16m – Insurance in America

23m – Seattle’s Worst Podcast takes a bold stance

26m – Porn Parody Titles

31m – Ola teaches us acting, the meisner technique

43m – Ola’s fascinating stage work, murder mysteries

54m – Ben’s been to Sweden, got a compliment

59m – Everybody’s got nazis

67m – How do you discuss Trump, issues with hard right people

81m – Guns

90m – We can’t stop talking about swedish politics

93m – Oprah

96m – Ben and Ola do geography Puns

100m – Ola makes a commitment

103m – Ola’s biggest moment, Matt Dillon

107m – Ola plugs stuff

111m – Ola reads us a poem


Special Acknowledgements –

Conscious Eatery – http://consciouseatery.org/

Permafrost Media – https://permafrostmedia.com/



Leif Whitman, fish cop, fishmonger


Everyones food side shows here. We have our first guest Leif Whitman, former fish cop and current fish monger. 

To Support Leif’s business and sustainable fishing practices, support his friends business, www.wildfishcannery.com .

1m – Leif, Fish Cop Stories
17m – How do you know if something is overfished
23m – Where should you get your seafood
29m – Ben’s met Dan Savage
33m – What’s Black about Black Cod / What’s a fishmongers Favorite Fish
42m – How do you feel about David Chang
45m – Stephen defends a thing
46m – Fishmonger Seattle Food Reccomendation #1
49m – That big Sushi Mexican Place in Wallingford
55m – Fishmonger Seattle Food Reccomendation #2
59m – Everyone gives a podcast reccomendation
63m – Ben gets autotune
67m – DSA Stuff
72m – Everything Bacon
85m – How to cook Halibut
87m – The workers purchase Pike Place Market
92m – Our first guest plugs a thing


Don’t Ask A Scientist


We might have gotten too drunk.
Some great discussion though!

1m – Grant in Alaska
12m – Ben B, mosquito man
14m – Grant’s Dating Corner, Alaska Edition
19m – Seattle Freeze
25m – Sports Corner – World Cup
31m – The Most Seattle Moment
32m – Limebikes Super Discussion
47m – Roots @ Zootunes, Prime Card Corporate Subsidies
52m – The Russian Stuff, from Alaska
54m – Ben’s Seattle Real Estate Corner
60m – Mom’s Who smoke a lot of pot
63m – Alex Jones, Cernovich, The First Amendment
71m – Seattle Food Discussion, The Burning Beast
75m – Does Everyone in Seattle Like Good Food?
79m – Parents as Casualties of the City
88m – Best Banh Mis in Seattle
94m – Grant’s Hot Alaskan Sandwich recommendation
95m – Sean’s Sandwich Hole