Beginnings Are Hard

The problem is setting a tone, something worth linking to on a social network, something with enough meat on its bones to slog through it, something someone somewhere will give the tiniest of shits about. And if you are lucky, they will give big shits. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Tiny shits will suffice for now.

Taking the metaphysical mic from thekinkiestwizard, I will begin by laying out a list of possible things that could land on this site bearing my name.

  1. Poems (this will happen, with what frequency and in what form I cannot say)
  2. Pictures of things happening (like say, wine drinking in the squint-inducing glow of Summer, probable lush landscape and purple teeth)
  3. Rants of a political nature (i.e. …the world is a hellish and roiling catastrophe wherein Mississippi and Russia bear a stronger resemblance than Mississippi and Washington, but sometimes it’s pretty great and who needs another craft beer?)
  4. Reactions to life, in an unspecific and apolitical way

So, all that said, let’s smash the bottle of Cook’s Brut on the bow of this shabby boat and set sail on the rocky waters of the internet (or just insert any other troubled analogy you like). Grant, you want to grace us with your introductory ramble?

P.S. Here’s an awesome GIF:


— Sean Flannigan


1 thought on “Beginnings Are Hard

  1. That baby has talent! Haha!

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