Painters and Poets Sharing Walls (Part 2)

Continuing this series, here is the second pair from our show which took place in January at the lovely Blindfold Gallery.

“Inside” Anne Petty (click to enlarge)

I talk about you now,
Now that there is no story to keep updated on,
Forward progression no more,
Your stories ceased
With that last breath,
An unfortunate thud
To the floor, your last mistake.

I talk about you now,
As if I really knew you,
As if we both didn't fuck up,
As if your last efforts toward living
Were efforts which would pay off,
As if Cancer would rile you
Enough to become the man
You supposed yourself to be,
As if even on the edge of it all,
You would let yourself
Be self-aware,
Realize the relative size of your ego
To your undersized self.

I talk about you now,
To myself,
Analyzing it all,
Thinking there's some magic solution
To that which boils underneath,
That if I understood the keystone
It would all settle perfectly,
That you'd be dead
But that would finally be OK,
Put it down in verse
And somehow it would be alright.

The show these were featured in may be over, but if you are in Seattle, living or visiting, check out the current show featuring the beautifully haunting and ambiguous oil paintings of the talented Justin Duffus. You should really go.

Also, look at Anne’s awesome new website. And here’s some of my stuff.


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