[13] Ravenna Brewing Company

Part 2 of our totally not critically acclaimed brewery series: Ravenna Brewing Company!


Ravenna is making exciting beer with a community Focus in NE Seattle.

Tommy, Bud, and Eric hung out and told us the story of Ravenna Brewing Company. We discussed how they landed in their spot, their plans for expansion, and how they got to be making some of the most exciting beer in Seattle.

From the website:

“…So we started a brewery”

We also have an exciting updating on Grant’s Dating Corner!

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ONLINE Links/Websites

www: Ravenna Brewing Company

t: @ravennabrewing

F: Ravenna Brewing on fb


Grant @kingofmock

Ben @hereforfood

Sean @pickle_er

Stephen @skzln

Show Minutes

4m – Grant’s Dating Corner -> Bad Boy Grant

6m – Grant’s Recorded Permission for His Friends to Take Over His Tinder Account

9m – The Brewery -> About Us

10m – From Brewery Inception to Brewery Opening

11m – When Tommy Met Bud: Ridiculous in the Beginning

14m – Homebrewing/Bob’s Homebrew

16m – Ravenna as the Location/Looking for Spots

19m – Logo

20m – The Name: The Ravine

21m – The Buildout

22m – Community Focus from the Beginning

25m – Sean Plugs a Running Group

25m – The Expansion Space/We Can’t Brew Enough Beer Moment

32m – The Taproom After the Expansion

33m – When Expansion Should Be Complete/New Brewing Capacity

33m – Barrels as Interim Demand Solution -> New Kinds of Beer

37m – Beer That’s Only Been in Oak -> Complexity [BEER NERDS ENTER HERE]

44m – Barrel Sourcing

46m – Doing the Complete Opposite of Conventional Wisdom/What is Brett?

50m – Grant Has Learned Sour Beers/Urban Family!

52m – How Many Beers Did You Brew in Two Years?

53m – Keepers and Control

55m – Knowing When a Beer Won’t Hit/Beer That’s Just Ok

58m – Dumping Beer

62m – The Next Beer

66m – Managing the Tap List

67m – Sours! Catch It!

69m – Jalapeno Kolsch – Love It or Hate It

77m – Goal: Serve the Neighborhood


81m – Sean Grabs Stickers

82m – Chuck! Do Our Show!

82m – Come to Ravenna Brewing Company, a Neighborhood Brewery

84m – Props to the Regulars!

85m – No, Thank You!

Special Acknowledgements/Mentions

Chuck’s Hop Shop

Urban Family Brewing

Bob’s Homebrew

Everyone at Ravenna Brewing

ALL THE REGULARS AT RAVENNA BREWING! Tommy named a few but we know there’s more. Thank you!

Hashtag City

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