Leif Whitman, Fish Cop, Fishmonger

Everyone’s food side shows here. We have our first guest Leif Whitman, former fish cop, and current fishmonger.

To Support Leif’s business and sustainable fishing practices, support his friends business, www.wildfishcannery.com.


1m – Leif, Fish Cop Stories
17m – How do you know if something is overfished
23m – Where should you get your seafood
29m – Ben’s met Dan Savage
33m – What’s Black about Black Cod / What’s a fishmonger’s Favorite Fish
42m – How do you feel about David Chang
45m – Stephen defends a thing
46m – Fishmonger Seattle Food Recommendation #1
49m – That big Sushi Mexican Place in Wallingford
55m – Fishmonger Seattle Food Recommendation #2
59m – Everyone gives a podcast recommendations
63m – Ben gets autotune
67m – DSA Stuff
72m – Everything Bacon
85m – How to cook Halibut
87m – The workers purchase Pike Place Market
92m – Our first guest plugs a thing


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