Ola Normelli – Swedish Actor, International Great Guy

Our special guest tonight is Ola Normelli, Swedish actor and longtime friend of Seattle. He teaches us how to act, what America looks like through foreign eyes, and he loves puns.




From his website (www.olanormelli.com):

Ola Normelli is an actor based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Seattle, WA. He has been working with productions such as Vår tid är nu/Our time is now (Jarowskij/SVT), En del av mitt hjärta (Unlimited stories/Film i Väst) and Kör Bara/Just do it (Mikaela Hargell).

Besides his acting career, Ola is also a writer and a poet. His forthcoming book; Den enda medicinen (The sole medicine) – a collection of texts, will be published shortly.

Find at more at:

Ola’s Website

Ig: @olanormelli

Show Notes

Podcasters (Ben, Stephen)

2m – Ola’s Seattle Connection
4m – Getting Started in Acting
8m – Ola in LA
14m – Ola loves America
16m – Insurance in America
23m – Seattle’s Worst Podcast takes a bold stance
26m – Porn Parody Titles
31m – Ola teaches us acting, the Meisner technique
43m – Ola’s fascinating stage work, murder mysteries
54m – Ben’s been to Sweden, got a compliment
59m – Everybody’s got Nazis
67m – How do you discuss Trump, issues with hard right people
81m – Guns
90m – We can’t stop talking about Swedish politics
93m – Oprah
96m – Ben and Ola do geography Puns
100m – Ola makes a commitment
103m – Ola’s biggest moment, Matt Dillon
107m – Ola plugs stuff
111m – Ola reads us a poem

Special Acknowledgements –

Conscious Eatery – http://consciouseatery.org/

Permafrost Media – https://permafrostmedia.com/


1 thought on “Ola Normelli – Swedish Actor, International Great Guy

  1. Sean, Thanks very much for continuing your rainy city stories. I will look a these tomorrow. We enjoyed so very much your company here with yourself and Anne. You are always welcome to drop by anytime.

    Best, Gregg and Diane

    Sent from this thing.


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