Matt Brady & the Shambles: Beer, Food, & Community

Tonight, we got to hang out with Matt Brady, co-owner of the Shambles. This new North Seattle haunt is a great community beer, butcher, and foodie hall in Maple Leaf. It enjoyed a three-month run as the #1 restaurant on Eater Seattle after its opening in January. We talk about food, beer, and Matt’s desire for the Shambles to be a community-centric hangout.

From the website:

The Shambles is Seattle’s neighborhood bar and butcher. We believe in local food, fresh beer, and sustainably sourced meat. We are bringing the farm to bar experience to the Seattle community with house-prepared meats, handcrafted sandwiches, and small plates made from the finest ingredients available.

Our wood filled bar serves classically inspired cocktails and the best beers in the Pacific Northwest. Our in-house butcher allows us to connect with small farmers and provide our restaurant with phenomenal steaks and chops, freshly prepared sausages, and house-cured charcuterie.

The menu changes with the seasons and reflects our commitment to all things natural, local, and delicious. Shop the select goods and charcuterie in our small market or relax in our cozy bar amongst friends.


Show Notes

2m – Intros

4m – Showbox, Growing Seattle

18m – Podcast Recommendations

23m – The Shambles: The Beginning

30m – Butcher Shop and Bar: What a Great Idea

31m – Where are My Brussel Sprouts?

35m – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Seismic Engineering

40m – Maple Leaf

43m – Ben’s Restaurant Rating System: A Guide

48m – Brewery Talk, Including the Best One You Didn’t Know About

52m – Urban Family

54m – Sours: A Fad, Fresh Hop, Hazy IPAs

57m – NW vs NE IPAs and The Great Bitterness Wars

64m – Matt’s Favorite Yelp Review

65m – Grant’s Dramatic Yelp Reading Debut

68m – Built-in Gratuity

78m – The Shambles – Where’d the Name Come From?

81m – Sour Beer Dinner (Events)

84m – Ben’s Plum Wine Does Not Make Him the Closest Winery to the Shambles

86m – Matt Plugs His Bar

Special Acknowledgements / Mentions

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