Virginia Newman – Nutritional Therapist & Former Virginian

It was great to have Virginia on to talk about Health at Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, weight loss and loving the bodies we’re in. We learned a great deal and got a little vulnerable.

Virginia’s goal is for people to understand that health and well-being goes way beyond food intake and exercise. While it can feel great to go on a new diet, life happens and we fall off the wagon, leading to shame at our failure to keep it up.

She encourages clients to find the middle path, aiming for variety, adequacy, flexibility, and enjoyment in how they eat and exercise. Exercise should not be a job, but an expression of joy.

The frameworks from which she practices, HAES and Intuitive Eating, can encourage people to look at health and well-being through a wider lens, creating a better understanding of their own bodies and the way that they interact with themselves and the world.

Links to relevant and important things:

  • Association for Size Diversity and Health: Group that owns the HAES trademark, promoting health in all bodies and widening the definition of health.
  • Be Nourished: Portland clinic that trains clinicians and provides workshops for people interested in creating a peaceful relationship to their own bodies and finding a way of being that supports their overall wellbeing. Lots of resources here!
  • Creating Peace with Food: Virginia’s group practice, consisting of five Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and one Licensed Mental Health Therapist who work with Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating, Family and Pediatric Nutrition, and Sports Nutrition. Clinicians in Bellevue, Bothell, and Renton.
  • Ellen Sattyr Institute: Great resource for parents looking to create healthy relationship to food and body for their children. Outlines the Division of Responsibility in feeding, helping to guide parents towards nurturing competent eaters.
  • Rachel Cole: A coach whose work helps women to untangle what they are truly hungry for, resources for creating happy fulfilling relationships to food, body, and soul.   
  • Self-Compassion: Our health is impacted by our relationship to ourselves. How loud is our inner critic during stressful times? Kristin Neff’s research is in the field of self-compassion and how that can impact our lives in a positive way.

Show Notes

Podcasters (Ben, Sean, Grant, Stephen)

3m – Grant’s Sports Hour/Clint Dempsey

6m – We Love The Seattle Storm

11m – Grant Plays Fantasy Football (Shamefully)

20m – Corgi Racing, Let’s Legalize It

22m – Virginia Listens to One Podcast (Is it ours?)

23m – Virginia Introduction

25m – Intro to HAES

28m – Virginia from Virginia

35m – Keto: A History

40m – The Weight Loss Industry and the BMI Lie

48m – Indoctrination vs Education

49m – Grant’s Dating Corner, The College Years

51m – Racism vs Weight Shaming

53m – BMI: A History

55m – The Term “Obesity”

59m – Psychosomatic

60m – Anxiety and Health

63m – Alcohol and How Podcasts are Formed

68m – The Evolutionary Theory of Beer

69m – Dietary Guidelines

71m – Intuitive Eating/How is it Perceived?

74m – Shame – Is Moderation a Good Thing?

78m – Psychology/Seattle’s Health Culture/Orthorexia

80m – Exercise/Dance Church

84m – HAES and Social Justice/How Do We Improve How We Talk About This?

89m – The Diet Industry/Eating Disorders

96m – Doctors

101m – A Checklist for a Big Complicated Picture

103m – One Thing You Wish People Knew

107m – And Another Thing

108m – Virginia Plugs Her Business

Special Acknowledgements


  • Sue Bird is not Larry Bird’s Mom

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