Urban Family Brewing – Community Focused, Innovative Beer

Thank you to Urban Family Brewing for letting us hang out with them! We had an awesome time.

Urban Family is a whole new brewery from when it opened boasting the same great name. We talked about Andy’s journey in taking it over with Isaac, essentially rebooting the brewery. We talked beer (of course), distribution, brewing, community, and creativity.

From their website:

We’re a small craft brewery located in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. We have an eclectic focus on creating beer and strive constantly for innovation. You may not see the same beer every time you visit but we try to utilize fresh ingredients, complex yeast strains, and interesting hop profiles.

We were founded on the principles of creating something as a family. Working together to make beer that represents who we are, and what we love. We may not all be related, but family is what you make it.

They did not brew the same beer twice in 2017!

Furthermore, we ate cheese together.

Also, Patrick is a marine biologist, he wants a centrifuge, and he hates the music you listened to in high school.



Urban Family Brewing

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Show Notes

Podcasters (Ben, Sean, Stephen, Nic the sound guy, and special beer correspondent Matthew Brady)

Guests(Andy the general manager, Isaac the head brewer, Patrick the barrel manager)

4m – Same name, New Brewery

6m – Isaac, from New Belgium

11m – Magnolia

14m – Distribution

16m – A Specific Model

19m – We Brew What We Like to Drink/Didn’t Brew The Same Thing Twice in 2017!

23m – Restaurants/Beer Bars/Handle Sharing

26m – How Do You Choose Your Next Beer?

29m – Experimentation

31m – If a Beer Fails

39M – The Difference Between Sour Programs/Beer Nerds, Tune in Here

46m – Willoughby Cheese!/Jasper Hills Farm from Greensboro Bend, Vermont

48m – Hill Farmstead – One of the Best Breweries in the US?

50m – Charcuterie/Saltblade/Beer Sausage Coming Soon! (Oct 20th)

52m – Brewing Schedules/How Much Beer Does a Brewery Employee Drink?

58m – What Does a Master Brewer Drink at Home? The Answer Will Surprise You

61m – Evolution of Beer Drinking/Sours are Their Own Path

72m – Art Labels

76m – Best Music to Brew Beer to

79m – A One-Star Yelp Review

81m – Community

86m – What Does Urban Family Mean?

90m – Rising Tide/Spread the Love

92m – How Does Budweiser Help Craft Breweries?

Special Acknowledgements/Mentions

Chuck’s Hop Shop

Skookum Brewing

Cloudburst (gets mentioned constantly here, we should really go talk to those guys)

New Belgium

Salt Blade

Jasper Hills Farm

The Shambles

Willoughby Cheese, washed in Urban Family’s Perpetuation Sour by Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro Bend, Vermont, available at PCC very soon (IT WAS DELICIOUS)

Beer Sausage done in collaboration with Salt Blade Artisan Cured Meat Makers available at the brewery on October 20th! (WE’RE POSITIVE IT WILL BE DELICIOUS)

Brut Rose available Thanksgiving! (hopefully) (WE IMAGINE IT WILL BE DELICIOUS)

Hashtag City

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