Spencer from Space!

We had a cosmic conversation with Spencer Anunsen (first-time guest, long time listener), who is a mechanical engineer at Synchronous. Synchronous is a company doing work in the space industry whose website boasts the tagline, “building the barely possible”.

Spencer talks building trebuchets, is actually from Seattle, and has great taste in beer.

We talked with him at length about his childhood in Seattle (how weird!), his work with the Mars Curiosity Rover project as an intern at Jet Propulsion Laboratories, the privatized space industry, the point of mining asteroids, billionaires and their rockets, future space missions and much, much more. It was a hell of a time.

Spencer ONLINE

Also if you want to tell us about all the questions you would ask Spencer, we’d love to hear them or forward them on. Just write to us at seattlesworstpodcast@gmail.com.


More links in the show minutes.

Show Notes

Podcasters (Stephen, Sean, Grant, Ben)

2m – Intro

4m – Old Business

5m – Sean is Having a Baby/Full Term at the Midterms

7m – Anxiety Level: Carseat

8m – Kavanaugh

9m – S Blocks the News

13m – KBF

15m – Men Need to be Afraid

18m – Space!

19m – Grant Does a Dramatic Reading – Some People are Saying It’s the Best, Big League

24m – Trebuchets

29m – Careers in Space

30m – Book Recommendation – Roving Mars

34m – Book Recommendation – Sex & Rockets

37m – Rovers in Movies

38m – Working on Curiosity

47m – The Stress of Watching a Project Launch

51m – Grant’s Dating Space Program

53m – Asteroid Mining

55m – Startup Culture

58m – Spencer’s Work was Featured on the Daily Show

62m – Privatized Space Industry financial models

66m – Upcoming Space Missions – What Mission Should We Follow?

73m – Stephen Edits/F Tesla

74m – The Garage

75m – Who Gets Paid? Why Spend Money in Space?

76m – Decadal Survey

78m – Private Space Companies/Public Space Relies on Private Industry

83m – Failure as a Positive Permission Structure

84m – Insane Copper Rod Project

87m – The Space Garbage Island/Space is Cluttered AF

92m – Spencer Goes Deep on our Podcast Space Project

95m – Radiation in Space

97m – Some People Say MIT is the UMR of the East

101m – Mushrooms/Paul Stamets

104m – Is Space an Earth-Friendly Industry?

106m – Initiative 1631: Yes

107m – What to Say to a Person Who Thinks Space Exploration is Worthless

110m – Resources for Following Space Stuff

Special Acknowledgements/Mentions

  • RIP Paul Allen


  • It was incorrectly stated that Orbital-ATK was bought by Lockheed-Martin (46th minute) when it was actually bought by Northrop-Grumman

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